SentiAR’s mission is to transform the experience for both patient and clinician in interventional procedures with a 3D augmented reality platform featuring real-time holographic visualization of the patient’s actual anatomy, “floating” over the patient.

The visualization is fully controllable “hands-free” by the clinician, providing an ergonomic breakthrough for the treatment and analysis of cardiac arrhythmias within an interventional catheter lab environment. SentiAR is developing the platform for eventual FDA submission.

“What’s amazing is that I learn something new about the heart’s anatomy every time I interact with the holograms. That’s good news for my future patients.”

Jennifer Avari Silva, MD

SentiAR Technology

Empowering the Proceduralist with AR

Through a holographic headset, the SentiAR platform offers a much richer perspective for clinicians. Our technology converts CT, MRI, and real-time mapping/catheter location outputs into a real-time hologram in the clinician field of view. Within the sterile field, the EP can expand, measure, or enter the chambers of the “floating” cardiac model for a significantly faster procedure with higher accuracy. The platform allows for visualization to multiple clinicians with multiple headsets.

Real-Time Holographic Visualization

Investigational device only. Not approved for sale.

Platform Attributes

  • Intra-procedural
  • Real-Time Electroanatomic Cardiac Images with corresponding Catheter Positions
  • Arrythmia Activation Mapping and Markers
  • Enhanced Spatial Acuity of 3D image
  • Multiple Clinician Viewers
  • Gaze and Voice commands for self-manipulation of Image Perspective

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We believe healthcare needs a new perspective. And we believe that perspective can only be achieved by having collaborative teams who share the same vision for the promise of technology to transform the care experience. We need people who think big, work hard and have fun. Do you have the right perspective? Join our team today.

* SentiAR does not accept third party applications.

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SentiAR is located in St. Louis Missouri within the Cortex District adjoining Washington University. Cortex is the midwest’s premier innovation hub of bio-science and tech research, development and commercialization.

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